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The country’s coastline is only 47 kilometres long. In the north, the Slovenian Adriatic coast borders on Italy, in the south on Croatia.

There are some very interesting places along the Mediterranean, and a lot of tourism has developed in recent decades, especially on the southern half of the coastline.

beach in Slovenia

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We start our journey in the north only a few kilometres from the Italian city of Trieste on the Slovenian side. First we reach the small village of Ankaran. There is not too much going on here, there are a few holiday homes and campsites. It is said that Ankaran has one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Slovenia.

Map Coast Slovenia

The next place on the coast towards the south is the city of Koper. It is the largest city by the sea in Slovenia. It has the only cargo port and a lot of industry. Koper looks rather ugly at first glance, but when you reach the centre you are compensated by the beautiful old town. The old town of Koper is car-free, the marina in the centre is worth seeing. The regional museum exhibits things from Roman times to modern times. The central square is Titov Square (Titov Trg) with the Praetors’ Palace. Many houses in the old part of Koper bear witness to former prosperity, a large number are built in the Venetian style.

The only railway station on the Slovenian coast and the central bus station are in Koper. Both are a good kilometre inland from the old town. There are about four trains between Ljubljana and Koper (duration about 2 hours, fare 11 euros in early 2019). Buses run more frequently, the journey time varies greatly.

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The next town is the small town of Izola. The municipality is far less well-known than the next town, Piran, but just as beautiful. The small town of Izola, with a population of 10,000, doesn’t have the really big sights, but it’s worth a stroll. The narrow streets exude the typical Mediterranean atmosphere.

Now, already well into the southern half of the Slovenian coast, comes Piran. It is the pearl of the Slovenian Adriatic. The city centre is on a peninsula that juts out about 1 km into the sea. Its heart is Tartini Square, named after the world-famous composer Guiseppe Tartini. He is the most famous son of Piran. Near here is also the Mestna Gallery, where modern art is exhibited. The highlight is certainly a walk through the old town of Piran, it is probably the highlight of the entire Slovenian Adriatic coast.

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Piran near Portoroz at the coast

The last place is Portorož, the southernmost municipality by the sea in Slovenia.

Portoroz is where the tourists live. Here are most of the hotels, restaurants and a beautiful beach (see picture). There are said to be more than 12,000 hotel beds in Portoroz by now. South of Portoroz, before the Croatian border, you come to the salt mines of Secovlje. Salt was extracted in this area until 50 years ago, and today it is an important nature reserve.

Train and bus on the coast in Slovenia

Buses run between Koper and Piran several times an hour (about once an hour at weekends). The regular buses also stop in Izola and Portoroz along the way. The total journey time between Koper and Piran is about 45 minutes. The fare is a maximum of 3.10 euros, depending on the section of the route. The first bus leaves at 5 am, the last bus in the evening between Piran, Portoroz, Izola and Koper leaves at about 10 pm. The bus stop in Piran is at the exit of the old town directly by the sea.

train Ljubljana at main station

There are also city buses in Koper and Piran / Portoroz (here mainly in the tourist season in summer).

There are about 9 buses a day between Koper and Trieste in Italy. Unfortunately, there is no rail connection between the two cities. However, the regular buses stop almost directly at the main railway station in both cities. According to our information, the fare is 3.30 euros one-way in 2019. The journey time is around 45 minutes. Caution: According to our information, there are no buses between Trieste and Koper on Sunday, and traffic is also very limited on Saturday. Buses also do not run on public holidays in Italy.

Otherwise, many buses and some trains run every day between Koper and Ljubljana. Also, a few buses a day connect Koper with nearby towns in Croatia.

In Koper, the bus station and the railway station are almost next to each other. Unfortunately, these two stops are about 1.5 km from the centre of the city.

There are also direct buses per day from Piran and Portoroz to Ljubljana. One bus per day from Monday to Friday from Piran goes directly to Trieste in Italy (with stops in Portoroz, Izola and Koper). From Piran to Trieste, a single journey costs €5.40 in autumn 2019.

Airport and flights Coast Slovenia

There is no airport in the Koper and Portoroz region. The nearby airport is for business and hobby flyers only. The nearest airport is in Trieste / Italy (about 70 km). A little further away are the airports in Ljubljana (80 km), Pula (Croatia, 90 km) and Rijeka (Croatia, 120 km).

Shopping Coast Slovenia

Of course, as in all tourist regions in the world, there are a large number of shops for tourists. A large shopping centre can be found in Koper almost directly at the railway station. This is also open on Sundays until 3 pm.

In the tourist resorts, some shops are also open on Sundays and public holidays, but many are only open in the morning. In Portoroz and Koper you will also find supermarkets from Lidl and Hofer (Aldi), in Koper there is also a good Spar market with a very large selection.


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