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Planica is world-famous for one reason: it is home to the largest ski jumping hill in the world, and World Cups in ski jumping are also held regularly on the smaller hill. There is also an interesting visitor centre.

There is not much else to see in Planica. Planica is not a town, but a valley. The huge car park is also used by hikers. Planica is the starting point of well-known hiking tours.

Almost everyone comes to Planica by car, but of course you can also come by bike, for example. The road from Kranjska Gora (about 6 km) is rather flat.

If you come by car, you will reach a barrier at the entrance to Planica. Here you have to take a ticket, then the barrier opens.

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At the exit, you have to pay at a machine, similar to a parking garage. We paid 3.50 euros in 2022. You can call this parking fees, admission to the ski jumps or tolls. The price of 3.50 euros is for the whole day, no matter how long you stay.

There are only 2-3 houses. On the right after the barrier you can see the normal ski jumps. There are a total of 5 hills in very different sizes.

Planica ski jumping

There is the World Cup hill, the normal hill and some smaller hills, probably for children and less experienced ski jumpers.

About 100 metres you come to the high point of Planica. The flying hill, one of the two largest in the world. From about 1975 to 2005, the best marks, i.e. the world record in ski flying, were always in Planica. For a few years now, it has gone even further in Vikersund in Norway. In Vikersund, Austria’s Stefan Kraft jumped 253.5 metres in 2017, currently the world record. In Planica in 2018, however, Gregor Schlierenzauer (also Austria) jumped just as far. He touched the snow with his hands, so the jump was invalid. Nevertheless, a sign that it can go just as far in Planica as it did in Norway.

You can take great photos of the gigantic ski jump.

ski-jumping Planica, Slovenia

This photo is from mid-April 2022. There is still snow on the ski jump.

Planica Nordic Centre Visitor Centre

The hypermodern building is not far from the ski jumps and can be seen from far away.

nordic centre in Planica

On the roof on the 3rd floor is a viewing platform. From here you have an excellent view of all the ski jumps. A good place for photos.

There is a museum on the 1st and 2nd floor. There is also an inexpensive café here (normal coffee only 1.40 euros in 2022). There is a zipline nearby. There are toilets in the basement. There is also a small souvenir shop in the Planica Nordic Centre.

The highlight, however, is the wind tunnel in the ground floor. You can fly in the cylinder-shaped room, some participants take off several metres. You can watch through glass panes.

Wind-Channel Planica

In Slovenian, the visitor centre is called “Nordijski centre Planica”. Besides ski jumping, the Nordic sports also include cross-country skiing and Nordic combined.

Other things to do in Planica

At the very end, after the ski jumps, there is a parking lot for hikers going further into the Planica valley. If you are travelling by car, the end is shortly after the ski jumps.

If you turn left directly after the barrier at the entrance, you will come to a hotel after 100 metres. There is also a restaurant and a sports shop here.

You return on the same road. Before you get back, you have to pay the fee mentioned above at the ticket machine.

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